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Most Holy Sacrament - Old Cathedral


Original Name:

Igreja Santíssimo Sacramento Antiga Sé

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Mass times

The History

It has origin in the will of the brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament to have its own temple. Founded in 1565, it is the oldest brotherhood in Rio de Janeiro. Initially established in the Church of "São Sebastião", in the "Morro do Castelo", pilgrimed through several churches until having its own headquarters built.

After the purchase of a land, the works begin in 1816. Four years later, in 1820, the chancel is finished and the services are started at the place. In 1826, with the church still incomplete, it was constituted the parish of the Blessed Sacrament , becoming the same to play the role of Matrix. Due to the many difficulties of a material order, only 43 years later, in 1859, it is consecrated. At that moment a solemn procession is carried out that brings the old images of the Cathedral of the "Morro do Castelo", that were deposited in the church of the Carmo, to its new house.


In 1875, the bell towers were finished.

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