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Santa Luzia Church


Original name:

Church of Santa Luzia

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Original building erected:


Current building erected:


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Anchieta priest (june, 9)

Santa Isabel (july, 4)

Mass times

The History

Some authors cite two possible origins for the first reference of the Church of Santa Luzia. Both involve the famous navigator Fernão de Magalhães. Since it originates from a wooden chapel raised for the wedding of the same with a woman named Luzia. Another was created to open an image of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, brought by the navigator. In both versions, these facts occurred in 1519, during a circumnavigation trip to Fernão de Magalhães. There are also historians who deny that these versions have anything to do with the current church.


It is known that in 1592, the Governor of the Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Sá, donated the small temple to the first two Franciscan friars who appear here. They stay for 15 years and then move to Morro do Castelo.


In 1752, the Brotherhood of Nossa Senhora de Santa Luzia obtained permission to build a new temple. This is no longer the location of the current church. It was very simple and without towers, but it will change over time. Initially with a central door and a window above it, up to three windows and a tower on its right side (considering the front of the church).


In 1872, it received an extension work, where two new towers were built. An existing tower is demolished. The façade received a neoclassical frontispiece; a wide front door and two side doors. Coverage of the side corridors was also made, which expanded its internal space, and this period was also as dependencies that shelter or consist and the Brotherhood Secretariat, existing in the Church.


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How to get there?

Nearest subway station:

Cinelândia (about. 1312 ft)

Use the subway! Get off at "Cinelândia" station. In it, you should look for the exits "E" (Presidente Wilson) or "F" (Rua Santa Luzia). Using one of them, when you reach the street level, you will be at "Rio Branco" avenue and "Santa Luzia" street will be behind you! So you just need to walk to the number 490 of it. Just follow the cars. The church will in left side of the street, in the second block.



Rua Santa Luzia, 490


(21) 2220-4367


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Open hours:

Monday to friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Saturdays and sundays, from 8 am to 11 am.

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