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Church of Our Lady of Mont Carmel


Original name:

Igreja da Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel (july, 16)

Matriarca do Carmelo - Santa Teresa d´Avila (october, 15)

Mass times

The History

It has origins in the meetings of devotees of Our Lady of Carmo, held in the convent of the Carmelites and who, in 1648, gave rise to the Venerable Third Order of Our Lady of Monte do Carmo.

After the creation of the brotherhood, it decides to build a chapel for her use. Thus, in 1669, it is inaugurated of the Chapel of the Passion of Christ, inside the Convent of the Carmo. Some time later, in 1749, having received a plot of land next to the convent, by donation, efforts were begun to build a larger temple in order to meet the growing needs of the order. At the time the convent church was in a bad state of conservation. So, with the Carmelite friars disliking the idea, for fear that the works shake the structures of the convent church, a long debate begins, which lasts approximately three years. Upon completion of this, the path to the beginning of the construction is opened. Thus, in 1755, the first stone of the third church was laid and, fifteen years later, in 1770, even with the church not being completely finished, the first Mass was celebrated in the place, allowing the beginning of the activities of the Third Order in the new temple.


The church's works were completely finished in 1850, with the completion of the construction of the second tower (the first was completed in 1847).

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How to get there?

Nearest subway station:

Carioca (aprox. 600 metros)

Use the Subway! Get off at the Carioca station. In it, you should look for exit A, which will leave you in front of Avenida Rio Branco.

Walk to Avenida Rio Branco, and when you reach it, go to your left, following the counterflow, to the third junction, which will be the Avenida Rio Branco and Rua Sete de Setembro. On the way you will have crossed "Nilo Peçanha" Avenue and "Aseembléia" Street.

At the junction with "Sete de Setembro" Street, head towards "Praça XV" (square XV), crossing to the other side of the "Rio Branco" avenue, following the VLT rails.

You will pass "Rodrigo Silva" street, "Travessa do Ouvidor", "Quitanda" street, "do Carmo" street and you will arrive at "Primeiro de Março" avenue. At this moment, you will be next to the church of Our Lady of the Carmo (one of our old cathedrals).


The Church of the Third Order of Our Lady of Monte do Carmo, stands on the same sidewalk, 50 meters ahead.

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Rua Primento de Março, S/N


(21) 2242-4828


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Open hours:

monday to fryday, from 8 am to 2 pm.

saturdays, from 8 am to 11 am.

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