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Matrix Church of Our Lady of Glory


Original name:

Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Glória

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Current building erected:



Our Lady of Glory (august, 15)

Mass times

The History

It’s story begins with a private chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Joy when on the 26th of January of 1835 it is founded the brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament of our Lady of Glory and the Headquarters of the Glory begins operating, although precariously, in it’s installations.


In 1835 an old chapel belonging to the, then queen of Portugal, Lady Maria II, has it’s ownership transferred to the Brotherhood and at the end of that same year it became the headquarters of it and the holy artifacts were brought to the premises.


Though during that time masses were already an aristocratic behavior with great affluence by the patrons. The small temple had already outgrown its size and couldn’t comfortably accommodate the services. So in 1837 the Administrative Board of the Congregation made the choice to where the new sanctuary should go.


So, a piece of land was chosen and after the purchasing process on the 17th of July of 1838 it was passed over to the Brotherhood. The Head corner stone was laid on the 17th of July of 1842 and 30 years later, in 1872, the new headquarters (current building) was finally inaugurated.

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