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Church of Our Lady of the Footwall of the Merchants


Original name:

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lapa dos Mercadores

Kind of building:




Main style:


Original building erected on:


Current building erected on:



Supporting entity:

Brotherhood of Our Lady of Lapa of Merchants



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Mass times:

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The History

Built by the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Lapa dos Mercadores, formed by prosperous merchants from the area of Rua da Cruz (present Rua do Ouvidor), and surrounding area, it was inaugurated in 1750. In 1755 works were completed and in 1766 interior decoration was finished.
Between 1862 and 1872 is carried out a work of remodeling that preserves little of its original version.
It is one of the rare churches of Rio de Janeiro that have forecourt.

  • When there was the second revolt of the Brazilian fleet, the battleship Aquidabã fired a shot that hit the church's bell tower (on September 25, 1893), knocking down the statue alluding to religion. Despite the fall of more than 25 meters in height, it suffered little damage, being considered miraculous. Both the statue and the projectile that hit it are today exposed in the sacristy.

  • In the tower of the church, in 1872, was installed the first carillon of the city.

  • The large marble medallion of Lioz, located above the central front window of the church, represents the coronation of Our Lady and was found buried behind the church during its revitalization works. It was probably intended for the church of the 3rd Order of Penance, to which the land belonged, which did not take advantage of it.

  • It is one of the rare churches of Rio de Janeiro that have forecourt.

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How to get there?

Nearest subway station:

Uruguaiana (about 1,640 ft)

Get off at the Uruguaiana station! In it, you should look for the exit "Acesso A - Uruguaiana". Just in front of the exit will be the Anfândega street, a straight line that will take you to the Primeiro de Março street, your final destination.
Walking through Alfândega street, you will cross Rio Branco Avenue, Quitanda street, pass through Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens church, cross Candelaria street (where you have a partial view of the Candelária church), and finally , get to the Primeiro de Março street, where you should turn right.
If you have really doubled the right, you will be in the counterflow of cars. Walk to the intersection with Rosario street and cross across the street. Thus, you will pass in front of the Church of Santa Cruz dos Militares.
The next corner is the Ouvidor street, where you have to enter the left. Your final destination is just ahead, on the right side of the street.



Rua do Ouvidor, 35


(21) 2509-2339





Open hours:

Monday to Friday, from  7 am to 2 pm.

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